Apple Company is going to adopt the New 5G Technology

As all of us are already enjoying the latest Technology 4G LTE with awesome results. It’s time for the 5G Technology.

The Good news is that the Apple Company already start working on the 5G technology for the apple products. It is really good news for all the apple lovers.

As we all know that the apple always keep themself on the 1st list to brings the newest technology for the apple product consumers And We are very hopeful that the apple will bring this technology first from all their competitors.

Fast Company(Tech Company)

The Fast company, which is also known as the best tech company in the world reported that the apple is planing to bring the 5G technology for the iPhone in 2020. The apple is going to partner with the big tech company in the world called Intel to supply cellcular modems for supporting to use 5G technology.

Intel is Planing to Work:

When apple roll out the news to work with Intel for the upcoming techonolgy 5g. The intel already started working on this project And they are very excited to work with the Apple big tech company in the world. Together, they both can brings somethings useful for their consumers. We are very hopeful to have some goods news very soon.

Apple Critise Intel Modem 8060

As we heard that the apple sometimes Critised about the current intel modem 8060. The apple is not much happy with the result/Progress of the intel modem 8060. As this modem start heating while using 4G LTE technology. The apple wants them to sort out the solution of this issue into the upcoming modem 8161.

There is another issue with battery life while using the latest technology. The battery life of the iPhone not performing well with the newly adopted technology. Apple is already working on this common issue for a while. We can hope that they will also find the solution for resolving this common issue.

Intel is Confident:

While the apple critises to the intel modem 8060 for the too much heating while using using the latest technology. The intel is confident with the new upcoming intel model 8161. They are very confident that the new upcoming model is definitely going to have sort out this issue.

Let’s hope for the Good News

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