Attention Tim Cook – There is incredible fall down in sales of Apple iPhone this Years 2018

I think, it could be the shocking news for the Apple Staff and specially for the Tim Cook that the big market india are not willing to buy the New Apple iPhone Series.

9to5mac wrote a post, The counterpoint research shows the data that the Indian market is incredibly falling down. The Apple Products are not selling well into the big market of people India. The Cheif Executive Tim Cook said The sales are set to drop first time in fours years. If you look at Q3 – it was around 900,000 units sold and this year is approximately 4,50,000 units sold. It is incredible down in sale. Whereas the Q4 included the Indian festival “Diwali” And according to the previous sales breakdown. the Q4 period always brings a lot of sales but this year it is showing an incredible decrease in sales even in Q4.

The Question Mark:

The big question for Tim Cook is that why the Indian market has this big fall down in sales of Apple iPhone. Whereas Tim Cook wishes to open more stores in India. If the Apple Company is facing this incredible fall down in sales then how they manage to afford more stores in India. It just needs to figure out. What’s actually going on there.

Research Revealed:

Well, after seeing this incredible fall down in sales. The researcher tried to figure it out the reasons behind the big fall down in the sales. Definitely, it must be researched well the reason behind this too big fall down for the Apple company.

Further Researched revealed the reason behind it. why the Apple company is facing this big fall down in sales. The people are buying the old iPhone instead of buying a new one because it’s getting expensive And the people of India cannot afford too much money for an electronic product. All the new iPhone are getting much more expensive compared to the previous Apple iPhone versions. This cause a big decrease in sales in the Indian market.


As we all know that the Apple iPhone is getting expensive and expensive day by the day. so it causes increble decrease in sales into the indian market. There are many other countries that facing the same issue. As the asian market is not much economically strong as campared to the American And european market. This could be the core reason in incredble decreased in sales of Apple Expensive Products.

We hope to listen goods news from Apple Company to find the solution.

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