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how to unlock iphone 7 plus

How to Unlock iPhone 7 / Plus

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Pro And Con: Unlock an iPhone 7 / Plus

The rise of smartphones has come with an increased amount of security, specifically from companies such as Apple with the iPhone. If you have bought an iPhone from the Apple store, you have probably got an unlocked phone and you can use it with any carrier.

But if you bought it second-hand, maybe through a network provider or on a contract plan, there is a chance that your carrier wants to keep you as a customer and the only way the carrier can do so is to restrict your access to other networks. If it is the latter case, Unfortunately! Your iPhone 7 / 7 plus is probably locked. 

A locked iPhone 7 / 7 plus is just like an iPod. On the other hand, an unlocked iPhone allows you to make and receive phone calls, use mobile data plus it allows you to use all the functions performed by an iPod as well.

Why iPhone is Locked?

  • Well, one reason for this is that carriers lock their phones is so that they can install special software on the phones. This software may include special or logos, and maybe even some functions which specify only to the carrier. 
  • Another main reason that phones are kept locked is in order to make up for the losses that arise from discounted phones. Many companies tend to use discount sales or promotional plans in order to attract customers with the bait of cheap phones.
  • These companies are not even worried about any profit or loss because they are well aware that the price will be recovered as long as the customer stays loyal to the carrier. And this concept can be fulfilled by locking the phones so it becomes impossible to switch to other carriers.

A locked phone is commonly sold in a market where most people have no idea of the lock or unlock status whilst purchasing the phone. Thus, it is highly recommended to check the IMEI number of the phone before buying it. In case of any confusion, An IMEI variety may be a globally distinctive fifteen digit variety appointed to any or all cellular devices, that identifies your device among the mobile network.

Unlocked iPhone

An unlocked iPhone is one that can work on any carrier, for example; Verizon, T-Mobile or Virgin Mobile. Furthermore, you may be able to use an unlocked iPhone in any country without any restrictions as long as you have the required SIM according to the country.

In contrast, a locked iPhone is one that cannot be used on any other carrier than the one it was originally locked in. For instance, if an iPhone is AT&T locked, it will only work with AT&T USA network. You must have to unlock the iPhone att.

A locked iPhone tends to be cheaper than an unlocked one. Sometimes, however, unlocked iPhones are sold at very cheap prices, this is where you have to be aware of scams. Some people may be selling stolen or reported as lost iPhones. To avoid these kinds of scams, you have to Check their IMEI numbers.

Some iPhones may even be iCloud locked or even have replaced IMEI numbers! An iCloud locked phone can only be unlocked by typing in the correct Apple ID and password. If a phone you are about to buy is iCloud locked, it is probably stolen and it would be wise to not buy it.

Before that, you must realize an important consideration, i.e. the difference between jailbreak and unlock iPhone.

Jailbreaking an iPhone

Jailbreaking an iPhone allows the user to install apps from third-parties that are not available in the Appstore or are not authorized by Apple. Jailbreaking can be done on iPhones, iPods, iPads, basically all iOS devices.

  • Basically, when you jailbreak, you receive some tools that allow you to modify certain items that maybe could not have been modified before the jailbreak. Some jailbreak software includes Cydia, Jailbreakme, Redsn0w, and Mspy.
  • Jailbreaking your iPhone may be used in cases of international travel. In this case, you may be able to call your carrier and explain to them that you wish to unlock your iPhone for international travel to which in response your carrier will accept.

However, only international SIMs can be used in an iPhone unlocked for this purpose. For example, after doing so, an AT&T or Verizon SIM will not work on your phone.

Now, you probably have the question, is it advisable to jailbreak an iPhone? The answer may vary according to different people and their preferences but I will give you some explanation on the pros and cons of jailbreaking so you can have a more clear answer.

Advantages of Jailbreaking

  • Increased App Variety

First and foremost, if your device is jailbroken, some apps that are not available in the Apple store will now be available to you. This is a big benefit as it is well known that Apple is a highly restrictive company so a lot of applications probably do not make it onto the Apple store in the first place. However these apps may be, you would still have to pay for them if they are not free.

  • Free Tethering

Another pro to jailbreaking is the fact that you can get free tethering. Now, what is tethering? Tethering allows users to use their iPhone as a broadband modem or as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Carriers often have this feature but charge an extra price or as part of a higher priced payment plan. If your iPhone is jailbroken, you can do it for free. Apps such as MyWi allow us to do so.

  • Increased Customization Opportunity

Apple iPhones only have a limited amount of customizable features to change the way their software looks, unlike Android mobiles. These may include different themes that change the keyboard style and etc. Jailbreaking allows you to access different themes that are otherwise not available. One very powerful customization app is known as WinterBoard, not only does this app let you do all the above features but it also lets you customize sounds.

  • Access to iOS File Systems

Next, you can actually access the iOS file system by jailbreaking. This can be done by installing a Secure Shell client or SSH. This is very important as doing so, lets you securely move information between two devices. It allows your iPhone to safely transfer files that may otherwise not be possible. For instance, your iPhone and your laptop.

  • Different Service Providers

You can “unlock” your jailbroken iPhone or iPad to go from one cellular provider to another at will, as long as they’re both carriers of the GSM wireless standard, and, sometimes, the LTE standard as well. All you really have to do is change the SIM card and you are good to go. All iPhone 5’s and later handsets are compatible with both GSM and LTE.

The last pro brings us to the one we have been discussing from the beginning; jailbreaking allows you to change your wireless service provider. This is also an advantage of unlocking the iPhone. Some US cellular carriers used to lock their handsets without any intention of unlocking. However, recently a law was passed that requires carriers to unlock the iPhone as long the price of it is fully paid for (i.e., the contract or lease agreement plan has been completed).

Disadvantages of Jailbreak

The jailbreaking process of an iPhone while perfectly legal in the United States of America still has its obligations. Apple says jailbreaking is a violation of its warranty, so if, after jailbreaking, the iPhone is disrupted, the owner must fix it and it will no longer be a matter for Apple.

So, in relation to the above paragraph, we will now discuss the cons that come along with jailbreaking your iPhone.

  • Prone to Malware

First of all, jailbreaking makes your Apple device more prone to the problem of malware. Malware is software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system. Because there are not any restrictions on websites, you never know when or how you are potentially downloading malware. Similarly, any app you download has full access to your iPhone.

  • Undermined Security

You really don’t know how secure your device will be after it has been jailbroken. You have essentially changed the whole operating system. From this point on, any and every app you download may or may not have complete and full access to your phone.

  • Updating Problems

Secondly, the Apple iOS system constantly gets new versions and jailbreak apps are not always supported by Apple iOS. Therefore, meaning each update Apple releases may erase jailbreak and apps that depend on them. So, each time you would have to jailbreak your device again. In my opinion, it’s too hectic to even think about doing.

Some apps may be unauthorized and may result in your iPhone crashing which may make it unusable for a certain period of time. It may also be possible that your iPhones battery life is damaged.

So, in the conclusion for jailbreaking, before you decide to jailbreak your iPhone, you must be sure to thoroughly research the apps you intend to download. Once it is clear that there may not be much risk to your jailbroken iPhone, you are free to do what you please.

Unlocking an iPhone 7 / Plus

In comparison, unlocking an iPhone 7 / Plus simply enables it to be used by any other carrier, by removing the “lock” that forces it to only be used by the one carrier that originally sold the phone. You can unlock an iPhone 7 / Plus by yourself using different tutorials or community support forms. Your carrier can also unlock your iPhone, but it may have some conditions. For example, AT&T requires the phone not to be under any binding contract.

Factory Unlock iPhone 7 VS Software Unlock iPhone 

Aside from the basics, there is one huge difference you may or may not have heard of before. A factory unlocked iPhone may continue to receive updates after the unlocking process and will probably never trouble you if it is ever reset.

On the other hand, a carrier unlocked iPhone will definitely work with any sim card, however, if, for any reason, the phone is reset or receives an update, you have to use the sim card from the original carrier that had locked the iPhone in the first place. This process must be done in order to complete the device setup process. For instance, you buy a T-Mobile unlocked iPhone and use it on another network in Canada or South America.

Then, you sell it someone who performs a device reset, so when the phone starts back up, it will ask for the original T-Mobile sim to complete the process. In short, you would have to buy a new or a used sim card of the carrier and use it for activation. After this whole process, you can use your normal sim card (of any other carrier).  

To give you a more developed understanding of the whole factory vs carrier unlocking process, I’ll explain exactly what the difference is between the two.

A factory unlocked iPhone 7 / Plus is one that has been unlocked by the carrier or the retailer of the iPhone. Factory unlocked iPhones are shipped from the source and unlocked before being sold to the consumer. For instance, an iPhone 6 which is bought from the Apple retail store or Apple online store may be factory unlocked.

A software unlocked iPhone 7 / plus has its carrier restriction removed by special software. Hearing this for the first time may seem risky, but using this method in the US is completely legal.

The only reason this method is not widely known is due to the reason that carriers do not advertise this method as they probably want you to stay on a single carrier and not break your contract and switch around to different carriers. If you think about it, it makes sense, if they openly advertised this, these cellular companies may go out of business!  Software unlocked iPhones can be used with any SIM card from any network. So, these are basically the main differences between the two types of unlocking for an iPhone. Above we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of jailbreaking your iPhone. Now we will talk about the pros and cons of unlocking or software unlocking your iPhone.

Advantages of Unlocking or Software Unlocking

  • Carrier Choice

Firstly, an unlocked iPhone allows the user to choose whichever carrier they want. This itself is a major benefit, however, it also beneficial as you get the option to decide which payment plan you want. For example, monthly, pay as you go, etc. This may even, in the long run, save you money! It also allows a wider variety of iPhones to choose from as there will not be any locked iPhones that have restrictions.

  • Increased Phone Plan Options

Similar to the above pro, iPhones being unlocked means any plan you desire can be used with the only condition being that the phone must be unlocked.

  • Easy to Download Apps

In case you are under a contract with a specific service provider and get a phone that is locked by them, you can be limited to individual programs that you can have on your phone. But, if you come with an unlocked phone, you can download an iPhone app, from any site, or download any free application on any site, which you would not have managed to do if you had owned a locked phone. Consequently, regardless of which iPhone you want to buy, if you come with an unlocked iPhone you can freely select to download and buy any applications you want.

  • Access From Anywhere in the World

One last pro to unlocked iPhones is the fact that you can use your unlocked iPhone anywhere in the world. If your iPhone is unlocked, you may also have the freedom to use the quad, dual or tri group networks. With an unlocked iPhone, you will not have to worry about high roaming charges that may occur from travel. You will also have time to change your plans and provider as you please. No more hassle or extra expenses!

Disadvantages of Software Unlocking

Aside from these pros, even unlocked iPhone can have their drawbacks.

  • More Expensive

There are actually not a lot of drawbacks involved in buying a software unlocked phone or unlocking one yourself. The main con is the fact that unlocked phones are slightly more expensive than locked phones. Some retailers may buy locked phones, unlock them and then sell them for a higher price.

It is not yet illegal to unlock a phone, you should try to avoid it if your phone is on a contract. This is because unlocking a phone will most certainly render your terms of an agreement.

  • Virus Prone

Anyone can unlock a mobile phone with the right the right piece of unlocking software. Some mobile phones can be unlocked for free from a website online, whilst others are more complicated to unlock and a professional unlocking service will be required. In this case, it may be possible that some malware or virus attack your iPhone. In order to avoid these potential issues, purchase factory unlocked phones. A factory unlocked the phone is one that has been unlocked professionally by the manufacturer.

  • Not Suitable for Different Professions

Unlocked iPhones may even increase business for Apple in terms of increased business users. Most business persons have frequent travel to other countries. Now imagine locked iPhones, taking a phone that does not work in any other country other than the US! It would be of no use to any traveler. However, unlocked iPhones are super beneficial to such travelers as they can be used from anywhere in the world.

  • Many Await the Next iPhone

          Lastly, with the rapid expansion of the Apple iPhone, the next iPhone is always awaited by many users. But, if the newer iPhones are not unlocked, many users may prefer to stay on the previous iPhone thus potentially dropping sales in the process. For instance, the iPhone is the current iPhone which is most used. There is a high chance that most users may have possibly unlocked their phones one or another. Now when the iPhone 7 releases and it is already unlocked or factory unlocked, sales would boom from the day of the release, however, if it happens otherwise, some people may delay the process of upgrading their iPhones and some may even choose to not buy it at all.

Before You Leave!

The unlocked iPhone 7 / Plus have their advantages and disadvantages. Final opinions may vary according to different people. After reading this article, you may think an unlocked iPhone is a great concept and you may even be tempted to buy one!

On the other hand, it is also possible that after reading this article, you may have gotten even more against the unlocking and/or jailbreaking of iPhones.

Some other people may even be willing to try jailbreaking an iPhone that is if they are willing to go through the long, hectic process.

In my opinion, jailbreaking an iPhone involves too much of a risk factor to consider trying. In contrast, an unlocked iPhone is not as risky as the latter and provides an increased number of benefits to the users. Thus, I would be more willing to try the process of unlocking an iPhone rather than jailbreaking an iPhone.


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